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Problem: The Gallup Report estimates that emotional and active disengagement costs U.S. businesses $450 billion to $550 billion a year.

Seventy-one percent of American workers, especially those who are highly educated and middle-aged are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive. 

Gallup also found that 26 percent of Boomers are not engaged at work, and nearly 1 in 4 Boomers (23 percent) is not merely unhappy at work, but “busy acting out their unhappiness.”    



How To Lead With Authenticity Keynote/Workshop

The keynote speech or workshop/webinar presents an introduction to authenticity-based leadership in which you will learn:  

  • The difference between authentic and authenticity
  • The characteristics of authenticity-based leaders 
  • A seven step methodology for achieving authenticity
  • Effective ways to develop trust and inspire followers 

The webinar / keynote speech  is based on the book: 7 Principles for Living with Authenticity.  


Developing Authenticity-Based Leaders

In this workshop participants will learn how to become emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and spiritually prepared to transition into the role of becoming authenticity-based leaders. The professional development workshop enhances personal development by expanding the awareness of workshop participants so that they can be aware of the  key to effective leadership:  being true to themselves. 

In this live or online workshop, the award winning author Jack Beauregard, founder and CEO of the global Successful Transition Planning Institute, will share years of experience and scientific-based research in how managers can discover and connect to their true selves which unleashes the power of authenticity and balance in all of their interactions with people within and outside of the company.   

Attendees will become aware of how to:    

  • Tap into Maslow’s top hierarchy of needs  
  • Apply Maslow’s sixth level to motivate and reengage employees 
  • Become aware of how the process of  negativity create and maintain dysfunctional management  
  • Expand their self-awareness which is essential for authenticity-based leadership 
  • Enhance their intellectual capacity and decision-making abilities   
  • Instill a new sense of  meaning and purpose in the company  
  • Develop new skills to effectively deal with unexpected events 
  • Think successfully by applying the thought process of authenticity and balance
  • Uplift the human spirit at work            

The Power of Authenticity: Professional and Personal Development Program

There is a growing body of evidence that proves that the performance of a company is directly linked to the well-being of its employees. Since people spend most of their waking hours at work, it is only logical that the workplace should be a place of well-being for employees. The knowledge of executives often impacts every employee; the same is true with the lack of knowing what to do when employees are having personal struggles.  The following major life changes are likely affecting the well-being of some of your employees now:     

  • Gen Xer’s who are experiencing a mid-life crisis or Empty Nest Syndrome 
  • Baby Boomers: Retiring professionals leaving their careers 
  • People who are experiencing a divorce or have lost a loved one

In this cognitive-based presentation delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute, you will learn:     

  • Successful and unsuccessful ways that people can think about major life changes
  • How people can transform negative situations into positive outcomes
  • About “The Power of Balance” 
  • How people can discover new abilities as they connect with their True Self 

You will understand what your employees experience during a major life transition. This knowledge will help you re-direct employees into making real change, so that they avoid falling into bad habits in response to the life changes.  It also reduces the loss of productivity which occurs when employees become preoccupied at work with the “dark hole” that they are experiencing. The insights shared in the presentation not only increase employees' morale and motivation; you can also use the knowledge when you are personally experiencing major life changes.    

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