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Successful Life Transitions

 Change happens while transitions are our inner response to change. In our daily lives we are accustomed to a certain sequence of events where we expect everything to have a beginning, followed by a middle and concluding with an end.   

 Major life transitions upsets the natural order of things since it requires moving from an ending of the way things used to be, to the beginning of a new life, this means that you need to know who you are when all of the old rules, roles, structures and sources of support evaporate.   

  The institute’s a series of programs helps you know who you really are so so you know what you really want to do in the next stage of your life.  

Programs For You to Successfully Transition into a Purposeful Life of Authenticity.

Are Your Experiencing:


 Transitioning out of a marriage is a  difficult process but it also provides an opportunity to rethink and reframe your life. 

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Your Youngest Child Leaving Home

  Your youngest child is transitioning out of the house and you and your spouse are transitioning into a new relationship which can provide new growth and opportunities if properly planned.    

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Leaving Your Full Time Career

 If  you are 50+, visit the per-retirement planning page  to learn about The  Platinum Years ®,  a  new stage  of active, meaningful life after you  leave your full time position. 

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Midlife Crises

 Do you feel that something is not right about your life and are you asking yourself questions such as:   Do I really matter? Who am I really? What is the purpose of my life?

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Thinking about Transitioning Your Business to New Ownership

 Are you thinking about what am I going to do with my business and I don't want to retire so what am i going to do when I do Leave?

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Loss of a Loved One

The death of a loved one creates a huge void but in their memory you need to transition into a new life without them.

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Transition Solutions

Transition To Living From Your True Self

Discover Your True Self When Facing Life Changes: The Book

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Authenticity-Based Leadership

 Enhance the financial and business value of your company by enhancing the motivation of the people who work for it.    
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New Beginnings: The Balanced Paradigm, A New Third Worldview

The  Balanced Paradigm, based on a scientific cosmological model of the  universe, provides a middle way between the Traditional Paradigm and the  Mechanistic Paradigm and their corresponding cultural wars. The new  model reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very  nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the  cosmos.

 The Balanced Paradigm provides a hopeful and growth  orientated model for living. Its associated integrated worldview helps  us regain our ability to speak to people with opposing culural and political views.  

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Live, Online Workshops

 Visit the workshop page to view programs that help you live an authentic, meaningful, spiritual, actualized and purposeful life.

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Authenticity Speaking Series

In the keynotes, breakout sessions and half-day workshops, attendees will learn how the power of authenticity can help them:

  • Be more effective in dealing with change
  •   Know what's next?
  • Enhance organizational  performance 

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Interview Guest

  Visit the Media page to learn about topics that will engage your audience such as: 

  • How Absolute Thinking is destroying our country and the world
  • How what is happening politically today is all about identity 
  • The paradigm shift that we are currently experiencing 
  • How to personally grow when going through life changes
  • The difference between being authentic and authenticity
  • Non-Financial Retirement Planning 

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