Personal Transition Planning

Retirement Journey Handbook

 The non-financial Retirement Journey Handbook has been developed to help you prepare for and make the transition to the next stage of your life. The handbook is based upon more than 20 years of experience helping people transition baby into a dynamic and purposeful new life. The exercises that you will do are based upon time- tested methods for making successful transitions.    

The objectives of the
Retirement Journey Handbook is to help you to:   

  • Broaden and  deepen thinking about your future possibilities
  • Determine what  is really important to you in your life 
  • Discover and  counterbalance fears blocking a fulfilling new life
  • Make successful and satisfying lifestyle choices
  • Build a deliberate, actionable game plan for your life 

The handbook helps you:    

  • Create a comprehensive vision and plan for your future 
  • Have a meaningful and purposeful new life 
  • Avoid being boarded and depressed
  • Make informed  decisions about your personal future
  • Create a  dynamic new life filled with meaning and purpose

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Coaching Program for Late-Career Executives and Professionals

The Explore Coaching program helps you avoid retirement remorse and to “push start” on a successful personal transition. 

The Explore Coaching Program is a comprehensive system which expands your awareness and  help you understand what is involved in the transition process.  

  •  Quick Online Questionnaire Have peace of mind is to take the quick, 20 minute online questionnaire which helps you think more clearly about the future of your life. 

  • The Explore Report that is generated form the questionnaire presents in a clear and organized way: 

  1.  What your motivations for leaving 
  2. What transition goals you have
  3. Your attitude and expectations about the transition process
  4. Objectively know how emotionally prepared you are for leaving
  5. And if you have plans for a meaningful new life after you have left your full time position.   

  • Your Decision-Making Report In the coaching program you will receive a Decision-Making Style Report which will inform you of which of the five different decision-making styles you use to make your life decisions, the strengths and characteristics of the way that you make decisions, approaches that have caused other executives/professionals to make ineffective decisions and how to make you more effective choices about your future.

 Structured Online Coaching Program You will enjoy participating in the Explore coaching sessions since they are highly structured program which consists of systematic questionnaire, report, exercises which provides you with knowledge of the unknowns.    

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Living with Purpose Workshop

 7 Strategic Steps to Creating Your Successful Personal Transition  

This modular online workshop or two day retreat empowers you to:

  • Discover new sources of  meaning and purpose in the next stage of your life
  •  Find things you enjoy doing so you won’t feel bored and irrelevant 
  • Articulate things that you never thought of before 
  • Create a vision for your life that pulls you into it  
  • Formulate  a specific plan for a happy future life  
  • Be proactive to avoid a reactive retirement  

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