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About The Institute

Successful Transition Planning Institute is a nationally, and internationally, recognized educational thought leader that helps people make successful personal and business transitions, experience personal growth and create new lives that they cannot wait to live. The Institute has trained professional advisors to become Transition Advisors and Transition Planning Consultants in the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. 


The Institute’s wisdom-based programs provide a cognitive and scientifically-based methodology for people to connect to their True Selves, reach the spiritual level of transcendence, actualize their personal potential and create lives filled with new meaning and purpose. 


The Institute’s Core Values: Be honest  in all relationships and do everything to help people actualize their fullest potential.

The Institute’s Operational Belief: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Institute’s Guiding Philosophy: To interact with others as we would want them to interact with us.

About Jack

 After founding a successful medical supply company that he built into a multi-million dollar business, Jack Beauregard founded Innervisions Associates, an organizational transformation firm that has helped business, health, and educational leaders expand their thinking to open up new possibilities for themselves and their organizations. Jack is now the CEO of the Successful Transition Planning Institute, which he founded to teach his unique methodology to help business owners, professionals, and corporate executives connect to their authentic selves so they can create successful and fulfilling new lives. STPI has now become an internationally recognized thought-leader in personal and business transition planning, with STPI-certified associates on four continents. Through Innervisions Associates and STPI, Jack has helped thousands of people examine and reframe their lives so they can become more self-aware and more authentically successful and fulfilled. Jack is also a popular speaker who has presented his unique approach nationally and internationally, on radio, television, and as a conference keynote speaker.   

About Paul

Paul Cronin - COO, Director of Business Development

 With over 25 years of sales, management, consulting  and entrepreneurship, Paul Cronin brings a broad spectrum of  professional experience to STPI. His background includes being part of  the team that grew Eden Toys, a small NY-based toy manufacturer, into  $90 million dollar company. Over a 17 year span, he grew from trainee,  to leading a telemarketing team, rep groups and senior sales  representatives serving thousands of major US retailers including  Carlton Cards, Borders Books and Music, Federated Department Stores,  Talbot’s, Nordstrom and TJX Corp. Paul has been twice-bitten by the  entrepreneurial bug. In 2001, he built and launched his first start-up,  InfoStore Inc. – a company focused on aggregating point-of-sale data and  developed market information. The company’s lifespan was cut short as a  result of the post-9/11 fund-raising drought. Then, from 2004 to 2008,  Paul acted as an investor, advisor and regional franchisor with  Parmasters Golf Training Centers. He sold his stake in 2008 to focus on  new opportunities. Since 2000, Paul has operated PFC Resources, a  business acceleration consulting company focused on helping business  owners expand new markets. Projects have included working with a leading  toy manufacturer to penetrate the electronic learning aid market at  Amazon, Costco, Kohls, and Hammacher-Schlemmer. Paul has also worked  with manufacturers and educational software vendors to create new  revenue streams and has developed lead generation programs for  publishers, including sales training and analysis tools. Paul presented  at the MIT Enterprise Forum as well as Northeastern University on issues  of entrepreneurship, running a successful business and business  networking. He is an avid golfer, and enjoys spending summers with his  family on Cape Cod.