Authenticity: Freedom To Be Your True Self

This introduction webinar provides you with an opportunity to experience and apply the power of authenticity into your life. The webinar is based on the book, 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity.

The comprehensive, step-by-step methodology that is presented will help you refocus your awareness inwardly, re-identify with who you really are, help you go beyond old negative conditioning, fears and critical self-talk, and allow you to live with authenticity.     

The Personal Power of Authenticity:  The Key To Your Experiencing Genuine Success and Happiness   

In this presentation, the award winning author Jack Beauregard, founder and CEO of the global Successful Transition Planning Institute, will share years of research and experience in helping people be true to themselves and experience genuine success and happiness in their lives.  

  You will become aware of how: 

  •  Personal identity determines “Who Am I?” 
  • Positive thinking holds you back
  • The System of Self-Discovery provides freedom to be your True Self  

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Transform Your Life Through The Power of Autheneticty

The self-actualization program will help you use your authenticity to transform the way you think, feel and interact with yourself,  expand your sense of identity to the self-transcendence level, allow you to live a life of significance, love yourself unconditionally and realize how incredibly valuable your life actually is.

 In the workshop you will become:

  • Transform the way you think .

The Transform Your Life Through the Power of Authenticity online workshop shows you  how the thought process of the False Self as has stopped you from living up to your potential you will lean how to be towards how your True Self thinks.  

  • Psychologically Prepared to Create a New Life The sessions show you how to transform psychologically by showing you how to be the best possible you by:

  • Receiving meaningful coincidences in your life
  • Redefining your core assumptions
  • Reemergence of your healthy ego self 
  • Re-grounding your life 
  • Reevaluating your relationship with yourself  

Emotionally Prepared to Create a New Life The workshop also helps you to become emotionally, to be better prepared to transition into the next stage of your life by showing you how to: 

  • Realize how innately significant you are
  •  Re-frame how you view yourself 
  • Relinquish your need for attachment
  • Reinforce the emergence of your True Self
  • Revitalize your life by loving yourself 
  • Reverse negative situations  

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Spirituality Beyond Religion

Spirituality Prepared For Living a New Life Online Workshop

The workshop presents a non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional, spirituality. The sessions:  

Rise to a higher spiritual level so you can live with a greater sense of meaning

Live a significant life by realizing how incredibly valuable your life actually is

Topics Covered in the Workshop:

  • What is transcendence and how can it transform your life?
  •  Your physical connection to the universe and spiritual connection to the oneness of creation 
  •  Characteristics and emotions of living at the transcendent level
  •  Transcendent motivational needs and value system
  •  Principles, mental paradigm, worldview and mindset at the sixth motivational level  
  • Thought process of a “Deficit” manner of thinking versus a “Being” way of thinking
  • Transcendent experiences and lessons learned 
  •  Higher spirituality at the sixth motivational level   

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