7 Transformational Principles


After any major life transition, the old way of life no longer works and a new life needs to be created. The same is true on a larger scale. For example, the old economic, political and cultural rules no longer work because we as a society are in the process of transitioning out of the prevailing imbalanced mechanistic worldview into the new beginning of the Balanced Paradigm.    

The Model for Saving the Human Race

The  Balanced Paradigm, based on a scientific cosmological model of the  universe, provides a middle way between the Traditional Paradigm and the  Mechanistic Paradigm and their corresponding cultural wars. 

The new  model reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very  nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the  cosmos. The Balanced Paradigm provides a hopeful and growth  orientated model for living. Its associated integrated worldview helps  us regain our ability to speak to people with opposing political views  and provides an alternative to the authoritarian world of the Neo-Nazi  Alt Right movement. 

Be. Expand. Share

Paradigm Shattering Seven Principles

  I realized that my life was a microcosm of the universe in which I existed. This realization helped me discover principles that both applied to the cosmos at large as well as to personal transformation and self-healing.  The 7 principles are based on 31 years of research, personal and professional experiences.  I used the principles for my personal transformation and self-healing and it then took me seven years to practically ground each of the seven principles 

  16 Year Transformational History of the Seven Principles: 

 Personal transformation:

  • The 7 principles sot transformed my life to such a degree that I describe my life as B.T Before Transformation and AT, After Transformation 

  • The lives of clients that I have worked with over the years

 Organizational Transformation

  • Behavioral Medicine: Substance Abuse organizations Mental Health organizations

  •  For Profit Organizations

Transforms the political Balance of Power in organizations to personally empowering Power of Balance 

Business Integration

  •  Personal and cultural integration after a merger or acquisition

  •  A new integrated paradigm for business owners to transition their companies to new ownership.   

 Transformed The Golden Years of Traditional Retirement into The Platinum Years  

A Balanced Way of Thinking

 "Humanity is going to  need a new way of thinking if humanity is going to survive."     

- Albert Einstein 

If we  keep using the absolute, either/or way of thinking that is used by  nationalists, religious fundamentalists and extremists on both sides of  the political spectrum, civilization will cease to exist. We need to expand  to a balanced way of thinking for personal and global transformation and self-healing. 

Questions to determine if you fit in with the newly emerged subculture of the Balanced Paradigm:

  •  Do you like to meet different people and visit  different parts of the world?
  • Are you concerned about global warming?
  • Do you value freedom of thought?
  • Do you cherish our democratic way of life?
  • Do you want to see a stop to economic inequality?
  • Are you interested in working to make the world a better place? 
  • Do you value being genuine and real?
  • Do you believe in economic and gender equality?
  • Are you interested in self-actualization?
  • Are you interested in experiencing spirituality without religious beliefs?

  If your answers are yes, then you will want to explore the practical programs on authenticity, learn how you can tap into the sixth motivational level on Malsow’s hierarchy of needs and transform the structure of your daily life so you can fulfill your life’s purpose and express your True Self that are presented on this website.