Who Am I Really?

- Living With Authenticity: The System of Self-Discovery Webinar

 In the webinar you will learn how to transform whatever life changes you are experiencing into an opportunity to let go of your old identity, and live from your authentic core.  The step-by-step methodology of the presentation delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute: · Shares over 3 decades of the presenter’s personal inner journey of discovery   · Presents how positive thinking is the source of negativity    

  • Describes the process that created and maintains the False Self  
  • Shares seven scientific principles that support  sustained personal growth  
  • Applies the new science which facilitates long-lasting  changes in your life 

— Freedom To Be Your True Self Workshop

 The workshop provides the opportunity to apply the power of authenticity into your life. The comprehensive, step-by-step methodology presented in the workshop shows you how to refocus your awareness inwardly, re-identify with who you really are, go beyond old negative conditioning, fears and critical self-talk, and live with authenticity.    

The webinar delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute, shares years of research and experience that helps you be true to yourself and experience genuine success and happiness by becoming aware of how to:  

  •  Be true to yourself 
  • Learn the ways that the False Self and True Self think  
  •  Re-identify who you are at the core of your being 
  •  Learn how positive thinking is the source of negativity
  •  Re-frame the rest of your life by expanding your self-awareness 
  •  Let go of fears and concerns of what others will think  

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Book on Being True To Yourself

The book, 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity will resonate with you if you are experiencing:

—  Divorce
—  Loss of a loved one
—  A life transition. Every year in the United Sates, 30 to 40 million people are in the process of evaluation or re-evaluation of their personal identity.

You are:
A Gen Xer who is experiencing: a mid-life crisis, empty nest syndrome  
A Baby Boomer who is: retiring, leaving your business or career.  According to a study done by the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis: “…The baby boomer generation is seeking a stage of heightened thirst for authenticity." 

Years of Personal and  Professional Experience

Over the years helping people transition into the next stage of their lives, I have found a truism which is:  “People have to know who they really are in order to know what they really want to do.” This is why discovering and living from your true authentic self is so important. I have seen how it is essential to know who you really are for genuine happiness and making successful major life transitions.  

The step-by-step methodology of the book:  

  • Shares over 3 decades of the author’s personal inner journey of discovery  
  •  Presents how positive thinking is the source of negativity  
  •  Describes the process that created and maintains the False Self  
  • Shares seven-scientific principles that support sustained personal growth  
  •  Helps you discover unrecognized abilities, gifts and talents 
  •  Applies the new science of neuroplasticity which facilitates long-lasting changes in the your brain and in your life  

Live from Your Authentic Self

Transform whatever you are facing as an opportunity to live from your True Self

The 7 Principles of the Balanced Paradigm provide the framework for a Self-Discovery System in the book 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Who You Really Are When Facing Life Changes which will help you:   

  • Be true to yourself
  • Learn the way that the False and True Selves think 
  • Re-identity who you are at the core of your being
  • Learn how positive thinking is the source of negativity
  • Re-frame the rest of your life by expanding your self-awareness
  • Discover and unleash your unique talents and gifts

Global Book Reviews

United Kingdom

  “This is one of the best self-help books I have ever read. It challenges you to look at yourself in a way you’ve never done before. It invites you into a conversation with a very important and special person- yourself. There is a Latin adage, which translates literally as follows: “man is born free but wherever he goes he is always in chains”. Jack Beauregard; using his personal life story and solid research has raised our awareness as to what may constitute these chains and more importantly offers us a road map to true freedom.”                                        -Simon Aidoo  


   “The way Jack has personally pulled his experience into the book is very powerful for people who are struggling with trying to make the next transition, but are being held back from past mental models, and lack of understanding who they are outside of the business. I have read many self-help books, and do not know of any that ‘cut to the heart of the issue’ as this book has. It is practical and insightful, and the worksheets at the end of the chapters really help drive the concept.”  - Dave Sinclair  


   “I think this book will prove to be an extremely powerful and helpful tool for many people. I loved how the Self Discovery Checklist as I read the book – it tied in together nicely! Very positive and uplifting!” -Sandra Munier, Esq.  


   “7 Principles for Living with Authenticity is the ideal guidebook for anyone who feels there may be more to life and who is looking for a structured, easy to follow approach to guide their personal exploration. It comes at a time where ever increasing numbers of us grapple with transitions - from full-time work or business to the next phase of their lives, empty nesters, career transitions and so on – when our old identity is called into question and we re-evaluate what really matters in life.

Jack has applied lessons learned from his own life experiences in finding his true self to create a unique and practical self-help process. His seven principles to leading an authentic life are explained by reference to the latest scientific discoveries and everyday examples, thus enabling the reader to easily understand and identify with them. Jack’s simple yet effective exercises provide a roadmap for the path to self-discovery – once the realm of esoteric teachings, but now readily accessible to all. Put simply, in this unique book, science meets self-discovery.”   

                                                                                                                      - Peter McKnoulty  

Rhode Island

 "I have known Jack for several years and have always been impressed by his work, his mission and his passion and love for people. This book not only connects with the heart and soul but it also connects with the mind as well. Too often books of this nature are either too ego based or far too touchy feely to work in the "real world." As I read this book I found that there was no argument going in in my head between my heart and soul and my ego-mind. In fact, it helped them to all get along as it helped me to learn more about each aspect of myself.   

As one who has been doing a "lot of work on myself" for many years I did not expect to learn as much as I did about myself as Jack's writing taught me. It is just proof that there is always more to learn about ourselves, more to heal within ourselves and more to love about ourselves than we could ever imagine.   

Thanks to Jack for doing the work he did to grow to the point he has and then to document his path so more can follow. "   

 - Jeffrey Deckman


 "The book 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity is very clear and instructive on how to go about finding your true self. I am impressed how much time and effort Jack has taken for his personal journey. Most of people are not comfortable to go on this introspective journey and Jack EMBRACED the process…Thank you for this thoughtfully written book. It is excellent!"     

                     -Emily M Chiang       

" I am buying another copy of this book today, because I am giving my current copy to a client. If you are a founder of a business or work with founders, you know that contemplating an identity separate from the business can be difficult. This book provides an excellent road map to considering who you are and how to live a full and satisfying life after a transition. The book functions as an interactive tool, with worksheets that encourage you to consider your life from many different vantage points. The book provides a thought-provoking and useful experience."

   - Tanya E Rapacz  

" Having just celebrated a milestone birthday, I'm closer to retirement that I was a year ago! In fact every day brings each one of us the opportunity of examining how we will live our remaining years. The 7 Principles for Living with Authenticity is an excellent workbook to probe and provoke the reader to consider just that. For the person who is a self-starter and do-it-yourselfer, this book alone will suffice to get you on track with developing a plan for enjoying the years to come. For the person who appreciates and values connectivity, I highly recommend you not only read this book, but sign up for the live course. Nothing can compare to the personal touch you'll get from Jack Beauregard and his team."

  - Amazon Customer    

"Jack writes that "(a) key to living authentically is to discover or create your own unique life purpose." A little phrase speaks volumes to how we can all learn to live with more authenticity. Sometimes it's not as easy as picking up a book, reading it, and saying "yup, I got it, now I'm cured." You have to work at learning the principles, changing what got you where you are, and committing to change with more authenticity. Jack does a brilliant job in providing personal experiences, meaningful workbook exercises, and anecdotes to help you change how to be more purpose filled and authentic. Thinking without doing won't help you develop your own life purpose, but if you work at it, you are on your way to meaningful change in your life."

   - Warren Rutherford  

 "This is a very valuable book. In short, it guides the reader through a well-supported process for re-discovering ourselves, learning to care for ourselves, and expressing ourselves by living as the unique and essential members of this World that we truly are. Whether facing a major life change or wishing to find more meaning in day-to-day living, this book provides sound and meaningful guidance. The examples offered throughout are enlightening and the exercises at the close of each chapter are remarkable stepping stones toward future growth. Finally, the more than ten pages of references at the close of the book offer a library of resources to support and enrich that growth for many years to come."

   - A. E. Moysenko  

" Going through a divorce is a life-changing experience, frequently causing the person going through it to feel as though his or her life has been turned upside down. In the aftermath of a divorce, you can either decide to keep doing the same thing (and keep getting the same bad result); or, you can take time to think about how to live your life in alignment with your true personality and values. “7 Principles for Living with Authenticity” is an excellent tool to help you uncover what you know, but may have forgotten about yourself, by providing a different lens to help you look at your life, and to focus on what you truly want from it. I recommend this book to anyone about to embark on a personal self-discovery journey.   

 - Cynthia Runge, Esq., Divorce Mediator, Family, and Collaborative Attorney   

"A most interesting book! Too often we live in an artificial world, both in our head and in actual practice. If we aren't aware of what's really important to us, we put ourselves in a position to make poor decisions. Jack gives you a roadmap and exercises that you can use to live a more authentic life.

More importantly, Jack has started down the road towards having a discussion about neuroplasticity. This science is the most important part of the book. Like behavioral economics, neuroplasticity will change the way we think about change and transitions. Both are going to be key in helping those of us in the baby boom generation in making wise decisions. "

  - Josh Patrick  

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