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What’s Next for your business and personal future?

 Download this FREE essential guide to learn how to avoid retirement  remorse and “push start” on a successful business and personal  transition. 

Finding Your New Owner - a ground-breaking book

 The proven, pivotal transition planning steps in this acclaimed book for  Baby Boomer business owners could save your business, your wealth and  your life. 

The What’s Next? Self-Assessment

This proven, innovative assessment helps you address the emotional issues and concerns about your future, and living a life of meaning and purpose.  This is a three part program:

1. Secure, online questionnaire and report which delivers refreshing clarity, knowledge, and empowerment.

2. Highly acclaimed book, Finding Your New Owner, by Jack Beauregard.

3. 32-page guidebook full of exercises, checklists and to-do lists

The report allows you to understand where you are in terms of your attitudes and expectations towards the transition process. Foresee road-blocks and self-correct if necessary, and think through your goals, objectives as well as how they impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

• What’s Next? Coaching Program™ for Business Owners


The questionnaires, exercises and to-do-checklists in this guided coaching program provide owners with clarity and knowledge of the unknowns, giving them peace of mind. The program combines the What’s Next? Assessment and the book Finding your New Owner, with two short coaching sessions to help you become serious about planning your transition.

How To Decide What To Do with Your Company and Create a Successful Business Transition Strategy

 This  Successful Business Transition Guidebook / Coaching  Program consists of four or five 90-minute sessions that help you know what to expect during the business transition process, so you can more effectively plan and prepare for a successful transition. You will feel emotionally confident about transferring your company to new ownership and explore strategies and criteria for preparing your company for a successful transition. The step-by-step action plans helps you explore and apply strategies for choosing the best new owner for your company, and design the personal, family and business goals that you want to achieve through the transition process. The program also helps you develop your business transition process and know the most effective way to work with various types of professional advisors. Ultimately, the program helps you feel more comfortable and confident in thinking about relinquishing your role and identity as owner of your company, and gain a more positive outlook toward your future business transition, future personal transition and your new life after leaving your company. 

Strategic Thinking about Your Business and Personal Future: Transition Planning for Business Owners


This program consists of four 90-minute sessions that helps you explore your future personal and business transitions, so you are aware of successful approaches and how to avoid unsuccessful approaches for thinking about and planning your personal and business futures. It also helps you discover the fears that may be preventing you from thinking about your future, and provides ways that you can counterbalance each transition-related fear. The strategic thinking approach of the program allows you to effectively deal with the “identity crisis” of leaving your company. .

What Am I Going To Do When I Leave?

Create a Purposefull New Life Private Coaching/ Day /Online Workshops

  The Living with Purpose private coaching, 2 day or 1 online workshops  helps you envision and create a clear and comprehensive plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life you can’t wait to live. Over the course of the sessions, you will expand your thinking about your future and discover new possibilities for your “life after leaving your career.” It helps you discover what is really important to you, and what you really want to do in your new life. The program helps you explore the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of your new future and guides you in designing a new life that will be fulfilling and meaningful to you. The program shows you how to explore options for sharing your time, experiences, talents and skills with family, friends as well as causes and organizations that are meaningful to you. The result is a customized plan for how to live your life with purpose.