Growth after Loss of a Spouse

• Discovering Your True Self after the Loss of a Loved One

 When your spouse dies, half of who you are also dies. It also provides the opportunity for personal growth. 

 The webinar delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute, shows you how to fill the void created by the death of a loved one by its presenting seven steps to discover who you really are. The methodology in the webinar helps you:  

  • Think differently about your future
  • Discover ability, gifts and talents that you have not had time to explore 
  • Live an authentic life 
  • Transition from a "We" to an "I"      relationship

 The webinar is based on the presenter’s experience of the loss of his wife and on his book: 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes 

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Successfully Transitioning into The Next Stage of Your Life after the Death of a Spouse

The online workshop helps you make a successful transition to a new life after the loss of your loved one.

You will learn a balanced way of thinking that allows you to make the best decisions for the new stage of your life.  

  • The sessions inform you how to become psychologically prepared to live a new life  

  • The workshop then helps you become emotionally prepared to transition into the next stage of your life after the loss of a loved one 

  • The workshop also helps you become spirituality prepared to transition into the next stage of your life. 

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Creating a New Life after the Death of a Loved One Handbook

 The “Creating My New Life after The Death of a Loved One Handbook” helps you create a clear and comprehensive vision, and plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life. The self-directed handbook expands your thinking about your future and helps you discover new possibilities for your life after the loss of a loved one.    

 The systematic structure of the handbook:  

  • Guides you in designing a new life filled with new  meaning and purpose  

  • Provides a step-by-step template in how to implement each of your lifestyle decisions

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