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Programs for late-career executives and professionals

How To Make A Successful Professional And Personal Transition

Free brochure that shows you how to avoid "Retirement Remorse" and push "start” on a successful professional and personal transition.

Who Am I When I Am No Longer An Executive Or Professional?

The  step-by-step methodology in the book shows you how to push through an “identity crisis” after leaving your current position so you can: 

  • Re-identify with your True Self
  • Truthfully answer, “Who Am I?"
  • Learn how the False Self and True Self think 
  • Re-frame your life by expanding your awareness 
  • Unleash your unique talents and gifts
  • Live an authentic life

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Self-Directed Program Of Self-Reflection For Late-Career Executives And Professionals

Like many professionals, you may be considering an exit strategy from your position, but you’re not necessarily ready to “retire.” Perhaps you’re thinking about moving onto another venture? Possibly even reinventing yourself? Then again, maybe traveling and playing a lot more golf sounds enticing. Or it could be that you’re just not sure yet.

What is for sure is that you’re at a point when you’re asking yourself some tough questions:

“What’s next for me?”

“What is my Plan B?”

“What should I do with my life?”


The Exploring Your Life, Shaping Your Future™ Self-Directed Program includes:

  • A 20-minute on-line questionnaire to lay the groundwork
  • A comprehensive 24-page whitepaper to help you understand what to look forward to, and  what to look out for
  • A 30-page Self Discovery Guidebook
  • A copy of the book 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity, by Jack     Beauregard

Explore Coaching Program

 The Explore Coaching Program provides a process that helps you navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position. The program shows you how to start a process for exploring new ideas and how to address your concerns about the next stage of your life.  The program’s proven methodology:  

  • Delivers peace-of-mind 
  • Helps you define your life today and after your full-time career 
  • Helps you embrace the transition you are going to enter
  • Enables you to start planning for a life that you have consciously designed 

Live With Purpose Private Coaching Program

This coaching program consists of eight 90-minute sessions that help you envision and create a clear and comprehensive plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life you can’t wait to live. Over the course of the sessions, you will expand your thinking about your future and discover new possibilities for your “life after leaving your career.” The sessions will help you discover what is really important to you, and what you really want to do in your new life. The program helps you explore the physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of your new future and guides you in designing a new life that will be fulfilling and meaningful to you. It will also show you how to explore options for sharing your time, experiences, talents and skills with family and friends as well as causes and organizations that are meaningful to you. The result is a customized plan for how to live your life with purpose. 

Retirement Journey Guidebook

 The Retirement Journey Guidebook  has been developed to help you prepare for and make the transition to the next stage of your life. The self-directed handbook is based upon more than 20 years of experience helping Baby Boomers transition into dynamic and purposeful new lives. The exercises that you will do are based upon time-tested methods for making successful transitions. 


The objectives of the Retirement Journey Guidebook are for you to: 

  • Broaden and deepen your thinking about future possibilities
  • Determine what is really important to you at this stage of your life 
  • Discover and counterbalance the fears blocking you from living a fulfilling new life
  • Make successful and satisfying lifestyle choices
  • Build a deliberate, actionable game plan for your life 

The guidebook helps you:

  • Create a comprehensive vision and plan for your future 
  • Avoid being bored and depressed
  • Make informed decisions about your personal future
  • Create a dynamic new life filled with meaning and purpose

Transforming Your Life Through The Power Of Authenticity Workshop


In the self-actualization online workshop you will learn how to:

  • Intellectually prepare to live a new life by transforming the way you think
  • Emotionally prepare to live a new life by transforming the way you feel about yourself
  • Psychologically prepare to live a new life by transforming the way you interact with yourself and others 

Live a Deeper and Higher Level of Spirituality

 This  non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional online self-  transcendence workshop helps you become spiritually prepared to  transition to a higher spiritual level so you can live the next stage of  your life with a greater sense of meaning. The workshop shows you how  to reach the top level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, transcendence,  which most people are not aware exists. 

Discover Who Am I Now When I Am No Longer A Professional Online Workshop

 The  online workshop helps you transform leaving your position into an opportunity to  discover, and live from, who you really are, your true self.


The  comprehensive System of Self-Discovery that is presented in the  workshop will help you refocus your awareness inwardly, re-identify with  who you really are, help you go beyond old negative conditioning, fears  and critical self-talk, and allow you to live the next stage of your  life with authenticity.