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What Will Happen To Our Marriage Now That We Are Alone?

 When  your youngest child is transitioning out of the house, you and your spouse are also experiencing a transition into a new relationship which  can provide new growth and opportunities if properly planned. If not,  there is an increased possibility of experiencing “Gray Divorce” that describes the divorce rate of people 50+ which has doubled over the past  20 years. In 1990, 10 % of all divorces were by people aged 50+. Now, 25 % of all divorces are by people over 50.    

Book That Helps You Create A New Identity

The  step-by-step methodology in the book shows you how to push through an  “identity crisis” and when your youngest child leaves home by having you:


  • Re-identify with your True Self
  • Truthfully answer, “Who Am I?"
  • Learn how the False Self and True Self think 
  • Re-frame your life by expanding your awareness 
  • Unleash your unique talents and gifts
  • Live an authentic life

Creating A New Life After Your Last Child Has Left Home

 The Creating A New Life After Your Last Child Has Left Home self-directed guidebook or workshop program helps you and your spouse create a meaningful and fulfilling new life together after your last child has left home. 

Freedom To Be Your True Self

 The online self-discovery workshop helps you transform no longer having your child, or children, at home into opportunities to discover a new identity that is appropriate for this stage of your life.   

Live A Spiritual Life Filled With Meaning

This non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional online self- transcendence workshop helps you rise to a higher spiritual level so you can live with a greater sense of meaning in the next stage of your life. The program is based on the transcendent level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of which most people are not aware.

Transforming Your Life Through The Power Of Authenticity Workshop

 The online self-actualization workshop helps you make a successful transition into a new life without children and provides you with an opportunity to actualize your potential by changing the way you think, feel and interact with yourself. The online workshop shows you how to:

· Break through the confining world of “shoulds,” “coulds” and “woulds”

· Become aware of the successful ways for you to approach thinking about your future

· Develop a new sense of self-love, importance and worth

· Actualize your potential

· Have confidence and peace-of-mind about your future

Benefits Of The Online Workshops



Experience the workshop wherever you are: Go to Meeting app provides you access no matter what device you use to get online.

— Methodical

Each week you will have an opportunity to watch a webinar session, ask questions, read reinforcing handbook and do implementation exercises. 

— Highly Effective 

The workshops apply the four ways we learn information which are:

  • Visually by watching the webinar slides
  • Auditorily by hearing the presenter’s voice
  • Cognitively by reading the workshop handbooks
  • Tactically by completing the exercises.

— Be In The Company Of Like-Minded People

In previous online workshops, a supporting community was developed among the workshop participants. 

— Provides 

The workshops also provide you with accountability which is important, because so often will power alone without structure can ebb and flow, which often results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal and professional growth.

— Flexible

If you need to miss a weekly session, you will not fall behind, since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.  

No Risk- 100% No Questions Asked money back guarantee