Creating A "New Life" Together

Who Am I Now When My Children Have Left?

 When your youngest child is transitioning out of the house, you and your spouse are also experiencing a transition into a new relationship which can provide new growth and opportunities if properly planned. If not, there is an increased possibility of experiencing “Gray Divorce” that describes the divorce rate of people 50+ which has doubled over the past 20 years. In 1990, 10 % of all divorces were by people aged 50+. In 2009, 25 % of all divorces were by people over 50.  

Who Am I Now When My Children Have Left? Webinar

 If you are like most parents you have devoted most of your adult life raising your children. When your last child leaves home and goes to college, into the world of work, or has joined the military, your life changes. During this major life transition you may feel a void in your life and not be able to answer:

 "Who am I when I am no longer a full time parent?" 

  The webinar delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute, shows you how to fill the void of your child leaving by discovering who you really are. The step-by-step methodology that is presented in the webinar helps you:  

  • Let go of your old identity
  • Create a new relationship by thinking differently
  • Discover ability, gifts and talents that you have not  had time to explore and express
  • Live an authentic life 
  • Transition from a full time parent to a “We”  relationship

  The webinar is based on the presenter’s experience and on his book: 7Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes  

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Creating A New Life after the Children Have Left Handbook

  The “Creating a new Life after the Children have Left Home Handbook” helps you and your spouse create meaningful and fulfilling new lives together after your last child has left home by its helping you:  

  • Discover new possibilities for your lives 
  • Expanding your thinking about your future without the  children  
  • Know what is really important to you
  • Determine what you really want to do in the next stage  of your life
  • Explore all ten aspects of your new future together

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If You prefer an Online Workshop

  • Living A Purposeful New Life Workshop 

A one or two day What’s Next? Workshop  helps people experiencing divorce be proactive to avoid a reactive life by learning the practical “how-to” steps to create a strategic life plan. It helps them find meaningful activities so they won’t feel bored and irrelevant, identifies lifestyle options that they can choose that they never thought of before. The workshop provides practical steps for how to create a vision for their lives and what they need to do to make it a reality.

  • Private Coaching: Living a Dynamic and Purposeful New Life Program Living a Dynamic and Purposeful New Life helps people experiencing divorce plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life they can’t wait to live by expanding their thinking about their futures and discover new possibilities for their lives after marriage. It helps them discover what is really important to them, and what they really want to do in their new lives. The individual coaching program helps them explore all ten aspects of their new futures and guides them in designing a new life that will be fulfilling and meaningful to them in the next stage of their lives.  

Becoming Intellectually, Emotional, and Psychological Prepared to Transition Workshop

The workshop helps you make a successful transition into the next stage of your life by its showing you how to be: 

 — Intellectually Prepared to transition into  a new life

 — Psychologically Prepared to transition into  a new life by its helping you:  

  • Redefine your core assumptions
  • Reemerge your healthy ego self 
  • Re-ground your life
  • Reevaluate your relationship with yourself

Emotionally Prepared to transition into a new life  by its helping you  

  • Realize how innately significant you are
  • Re-frame how you view yourself
  • Relinquish your need for attachment
  • Reinforce  the emergence of  who they really are
  • Revitalize your life by loving yourself
  • Reverse negative situations  

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