Rethink and Reframe Your Life

Reframing My Life after a Divorce Webinar

 Divorce is a major life transition and creates an identity crisis. It is also provides a huge opportunity to rethink your life.  The step-by-step methodology in the webinar delivered by Jack Beauregard, Founder and CEO of Successful Transition Planning Institute, shows you how to push through an “identity crisis” created by divorce so you can:   

  • Re-identify with your True Self 
  • Truthfully answer, “Who Am I?”
  • Let go of old identities  
  • Learn how the False Self and True Self think 
  • Expand your awareness 
  • Live an authentic life 
  • Transition from a “We” to an “I” relationship  

  The webinar is based on the presenter’s experience of divorce and on his book: 

7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes 

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Successfully Transition into a Single Life Workshop

 Change happens while transitions are our inner response to change. In our daily lives we are accustomed to a certain sequence of events where we expect everything to have a beginning, followed by a middle and concluding with an end.     

Divorce upsets the natural order of things since it requires a moving from an ending of the marriage to the beginning of a new life which means that you need to be prepared for an unknown area of “The Transition Zone” in which all of the old rules, roles, structure and sources of support evaporate between the ending of the marriage and the beginning of a new life.   

The online workshop helps you emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and spirituality be prepared to make a successful transition into your new life.      

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Creating My New Life Handbook

The “Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook” provides the framework for you create a clear and comprehensive vision, and plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life. The comprehensive handbook expands your thinking about your future and helps you discover new possibilities for your life after a divorce.   

 The systematic structure of the handbooks guides you in designing a life filled with new purpose by providing step-by-step templates which helps you    

  • Create a comprehensive vision and plan for your future  
  • Avoid being bored and depressed 
  •  Make well informed life choices  
  • Articulate  things that you never thought of before
  •  Know how to implement each of your life’s decisions     

The handbook can also be used a reference for objectively  evaluating future significant relationships.  

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