Creating A New Life after Your Divorce

How To Create a New Life after a Divorce Handbook

 Apply The Power of Intention To Create The Next Stage of Your Life 

 The Creating My New Life after a Divorce Self-Directed Handbook or with  Online Coaching  helps you get your head in the right place regarding  leaving your marriage. The Handbook is packed with planning strategies,  brainstorming and written plans for your new life - that you can't wait  to start!

 The Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program Helps You Live a Longer and Healthier Life

•  A recent study published in the Journal of the Association for  Psychological Science said that feeling you have a sense of purpose in  life helps you live longer, no matter what your age.

•   A study  conducted by the National Academy of Science found that purpose in life  is linked with better mental and physical health.

•  Another study concluded that having higher levels of purpose in life reduces the deleterious effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program Background

The  Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program has been  developed to help you prepare for the transition to the next stage of  your life. The handbook and coaching program are based upon nearly 20  years of experience helping people transition to dynamic and purposeful  new lives. The exercises are based upon time-tested methods for making  successful transitions.

 In the Handbook/Coaching Program you  will be proactive, to avoid a reactive life after you have left your  marriage, by showing you practical “how-to” steps to create a strategic  life plan. By completing the Handbook, you will find meaningful  activities, so you won’t feel bored and irrelevant, and identify  lifestyle options that you can choose that you never thought of before.  The Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program  provides practical steps for how you can create a vision for your life  and what you need to do to make it a reality.

Workshop to Create a New after a Divorce

The online and in person Creating a New after a Divorce Workshop has  been developed to help you prepare for, and make the transition to, the  next stage of your life after your divorce.  The workshop is based upon  nearly 20 years of experience helping people transition to dynamic and  purposeful new lives.  The exercises in the workshop are based upon  time-tested methods for creating a new life filled with meaning and  purpose.

The divorce workshop helps you be proactive, so as to  avoid a reactive next stage of your life, by learning the practical  “how-to” steps in creating a strategic life plan. It helps identify  lifestyle options that you can choose that you never thought of before.  The workshop provides practical steps for how to create a vision for  your unmarried life and what you need to do to make it a reality.

The workshop will help you to:

  • Create a clear and comprehensive vision
  • Plan for a meaningful and fulfilling new life

This  non-financial divorce planning workshop helps you expand your thinking  and discover new possibilities for about post-married life.  The  workshop helps you explore the physical, intellectual, emotional, and  social aspects of a new you, and guides you in designing a new life that  will be fulfilling and meaningful.

The life after a divorce workshop helps you to:

  • Articulate ideas that you never thought of before
  • Create a vision for your life that pulls you towards a bright future
  • Create a specific plan for a happy future life
  • Embrace the unknowns
  • Know what you want, and what you need, to do  to obtain it

Seven Strategic Steps™

The  workshop is designed around Seven Strategic Steps, based on a new  multi-valued logic system and the latest discoveries from psychology and  neuroscience. These steps provide you with a comprehensive, systematic,  step-by-step methodology for exploring and choosing your lifestyle  options.  The Seven Strategic Steps expands your awareness, which allows  you to feel comfortable looking within, to access a broad range of  possibilities, and to decide which options will be most personally  meaningful and fulfilling for you.  The Seven Strategic Steps help you  create a detailed, step-by-step plan for how you will implement each of  your lifestyle decisions in all ten aspects of your life.

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Who Am I Now That I Am Divorced?


The step-by-step methodology in the book shows you how to push through an “identity crisis” after your going through a divorce so they can: 

  • Re-identify with their True Self
  •  Truthfully answer, “Who Am I
  • Learn how the False Self and True Self think 
  • Re-frame your life by expanding your awareness 
  •  Unleash their unique talents and gifts
  • Live an authentic life
  •  Transition from a “We” to an “I” relationship


Going through a divorce is a life-changing experience, frequently causing the person going through it to feel as though his or her life has been turned upside down. In the aftermath of a divorce, you can either decide to keep doing the same thing (and keep getting the same bad result); or, you can take time to think about how to live your life in alignment with your true personality and values. “7 Principles for Living with Authenticity” is an excellent tool to help you uncover what you know, but may have forgotten about yourself, by providing a different lens to help you look at your life, and to focus on what you truly want from it. I recommend this book to anyone about to embark on a personal self-discovery journey. 

- Cynthia Runge, Esq., Divorce Mediator, Family, and Collaborative Attorney

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