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Living At The Spiritual Perk: Self-Transcendence Workshop

Self-actualization is not at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-transcendence is! Maslow saw a number of problems with having self-actualization at the apex of his motivation needs, which is why he created a new sixth level - that of self-transcendence. The reason why the majority of people are not aware of Maslow’s top level on his hierarchy of needs is because he died shortly after his realization. 

The difference between self-actualization and transcendence was  also referred to by Viktor Frankl, author of the book: Man’s Search For Meaning when he wrote that: 

Human experience is essentially self-transcendence rather than self-actualization. Self-actualization is not a possible aim at all, for the simple reason that the more a man would strive for it, the more he would miss it... In other words, self-actualization cannot be attained if it is made an end in itself, but only as a side effect of self-transcendence.”     

Live a Life of Significance in the Next Stage of Yor Life

Topics Covered in the Workshop

  •   What is transcendence and how can it transform your life?  
  •  Your physical connection to the universe and spiritual connection to the oneness of creation 
  •  Characteristics and emotions of living at the transcendent level 
  •  Transcendent motivational needs and value system  
  •  Principles, mental paradigm, worldview and mindset at the sixth motivational level
  •  Thought process of a “Deficit” manner of thinking versus a “Being” way of thinking
  • Transcendent experiences and lessons learned 
  •  Higher spirituality at the sixth motivational level